Oh, Astrid!

thirty and finding myself again

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Jumping right into the heavy stuff…

My main impetus for restarting the blogging thing is that we’ve been dealing with some health issues for Tycho, and I have a lot of feels I need to put somewhere. I have a lot of feels about a lot of things and they will all surely find their way here, but right now this is the thing that kicked me into gear. Continue reading

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Once more with feeling.

Here I am, feeling the itch to blog again. I’ve done so in various formats for over a decade now (LiveJournal, represent!), but I’ve been quiet for the last year, and feel like starting fresh. I’m a mom, but I don’t necessarily want this to be a “mom blog” per se, but it probably will be to a certain extent, since that is what I do with a vast majority of my time.

I’m not really sure yet what my plan for this space is yet, but I’m hoping it’s going to be beyond just the general day to day of my kids lives, because really, nobody cares, and I know that. But home with two little people who aren’t the greatest conversationalists I feel trapped in my own head a lot of the time, and perhaps this can be a space to get that out. Or maybe it will just be wrap reviews and pictures of my baby. We’ll see.

Official-like introductions coming soon.